Are you seeking help with a personal challenge, relationship difficulties, work stress or simply struggling to navigate through life? Generally, we are all capable of solving our own problems. Sometimes we need support, affirmation, friendly guidance, or focused mentoring to help us find the missing link in life’s jigsaw puzzle. Here at ProSightful Counseling & Consulting, we specialize in helping you find creative solutions to life’s challenges, develop and nurture fulfilling relationships. We would be happy to support you in taking the steps to achieve your goals. We will help you identify areas for change, think outside the box for new insights and solutions, and help you to develop tools to manage your life and enhance your relationships. Our strategy involves an in-depth understanding of human behavior and relationships. In addition, we explore the dynamics of personal faith and culture as it applies to individual circumstances. It’s our privilege to work with you.

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Dr. Gerald Igboanusi (Dr. “G”)
President & Clinical Supervisor

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At ProSightful, we believe that every individual matters. Consequently, all our services are geared towards helping people become the best versions of themselves – for their benefit and that of their communities.


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ProSightful Counseling & Consulting, Inc provides access to compassionate, holistic, client-centered, family-focused, culturally responsive, and affordable mental and behavioral health services that empower the underserved in communities in the United States and around the World where stigma or poverty limits access. We strive to connect individuals, families, institutions, and communities in relationships that foster health and well-being for all