We offer online virtual sex therapy for clients in Nebraska to help restore sexual wholeness and improve intimacy​.




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“I feel as if we just can’t talk anymore. Every interaction turns into an argument or fight”

Relationships are hard — really hard; but they don’t have to stay that way. Relationship therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship. The better a couple communicates and understands each other, the less chance of conflict. The goal for resolving conflicts isn’t to never fight – that’s simply not realistic. Instead, we work with our couples to help them communicate with each other in way their partner understands, and they can walk away from a conflict still feeling heard, loved, and understood by their partner.

If your marriage needs work – call today. At ProSightful, we prefer to work with the couple as a unit, but we find that even if one of the two partners starts a change process, it can be helpful, and the other partner will frequently join the conversation. Find what works for you right now by booking  your online teletherapy.


Sex therapy counseling will only accept cash for payment.
Each session costs $250.00.

Note: We do not accept insurance for sex therapy. Upon request, we can provide you with a “superbill” to submit on your own to your insurance for receiving “Out of Network” benefits however, reimbursement from your insurance is not guaranteed.

The question is: Do you feel disconnected with your partner in the bedroom but aren’t sure on how to have a conversation with them? Talking about sex can be uncomfortable in genera, but talking with someone about struggles related to sexual intimacy can be uncomfortable and scary, but then add the layer of talking about your hidden insecurities and vulnerabilities in the bedroom can make it outright scary and anxiety provoking. Sit down with our sex therapist, and talk about you and your partner – your intimacy levels, what you both want to change, your likes and dislikes, and any possible physiological or physical issues you both may be dealing with.

At ProSightful, we provide our couples with a safe and comfortable space to practice being emotionally vulnerable again, so even the most awkward conversations about their sex life are done with care and love. Helping clients reestablish their physical and emotional intimacy is our passion, and we would love to help you and your partner feel connected again.

What issues are typically addressed?

  • low sexual desire
  • pain during sex
  • sexual trauma
  • desire discrepancy  among spouses
  • affair recovery
  • body image
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • difficulty reaching orgasm
  • out of control sexual behavior (sex addition/porn addiction)
  • infrequent or sexless marriage
  • unconsummated Marriages
What to Expect?

Therapy will begin with a thorough sexual assessment to identify the contributing and maintaining factors to your sexual challenges and complaints. From there, recommendations for how to address the specific sexual challenge will be given. Treatment will focus holistically on physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual components to sexual challenges. Treatment recommendations, in some situations, may also include referrals and collaboration with a variety of medically trained professionals as needed.


Sex can be a Complex and Sensitive Topic.

Talking with someone about struggles related to sexual intimacy can be uncomfortable and scary. You deserve a fulfilling sexual relationship with your spouse no matter what issues you are struggling with. Trust our team of professional and compassionate clinicians to help you get there.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is designed to help individuals address and overcome sexual difficulties, leading to improved sexual pleasure and fulfillment. Physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues all can contribute to or cause sexual challenges.

Through counseling, we will explore history, experiences, emotions, and beliefs around sexuality. This will help us identify what may have caused, contributed to, or is sustaining the sexual issues or dissatisfaction. Our sessions will often involve assignments for you and your spouse to work on at home between sessions. Assignments frequently involve communication, physical and sexual education, decreasing anxiety, increasing curiosity, and exploration of sensation and perception.


“I want to be intimate with my partner again, but it’s been so long that it just gets harder and harder to be with each other in that way. Will we ever feel the closeness we once felt for each other?”


“I don’t know if I can ever trust my partner again”

Whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 26 years, cheating hurts. Trust is one of the hardest emotions to rebuild, but it is possible. And, recovery from an affair is hard, emotionally taxing work, but it is possible. With the right care, consistency, and commitment, couples can improve their relationship better than ever before.

We have worked with couples who were in long-term marriages and still at the beginning of their relationships recover from infidelity by helping them understand the dynamics which led to the cheating. Looking at the core problem, and not the side effect of infidelity, is one way we support couples so they can heal together. We aid them in making the necessary changes to restore their commitment to each other and prevent this from occurring again as best as possible. Book your online appointment today and let’s get you started.

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