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HEAL * GROW * THRIVE! ProSightful Foundation, Inc provides access to compassionate, holistic, client-centered, family-focused, culturally responsive, and affordable mental and behavioral health services that empower the underserved in communities in the United States and around the World where stigma or poverty limits access. We strive to connect individuals, families, institutions, and communities in relationships that foster health and well-being for all.

We strive to be the driving force behind a positive shift in perspective by fostering a culture of inclusion and empowerment, by creating a world with no stigma to mental health, and we envision a community where every individual has the opportunity to improve their quality of life through emotional and behavioral health services. We aspire to be known as the place for healing, growth, and life-changing relationships.

ProSightful Counseling & Consulting is shaped by compassion, integrity, inclusiveness, professionalism, responsiveness, dedication, and respect.

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About Us

ProSightful Counseling and Consulting provides virtual (teletherapy) mental health counseling to individuals, couples, and families throughout the State of Nebraska, USA. We believe that emotional and relational pain fosters an environment of exploration which can be leveraged with good counseling -- stimulating healing and growth. Every individual has the potential for creating a healthier and more fulfilling life. Through our evidence-based counseling process, we strive to provide each individual, couple, and family the necessary tools and resources for continued growth. Because of the interplay between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and happiness we follow a holistic approach to counseling by caring for the whole of the human person. Our goal is to maximize your potential as you cope with life’s challenges and progress toward your goals. Our objective is to promote wellness within individuals, and developing healthy, nurturing relationships in couples and families.

Our private and confidential services are provided by licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and local university interns. These professionals recognize the importance of a diverse approach; and by referring to each other and the greater community of caregivers, they are able to tap into whichever dimension of the human personality (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual) a client is comfortable with in the pursuit of healing, growth, and wholeness.

Our Values
Why we do what we do


People are at the heart of all we say and do; whether partners or patients or volunteers, we value everyone.


We understand that partnership is the foundation for the success for worthwhile venture


We respect the privacy of our patients; every information shared with us in trust is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed except with the express permission of our patient.