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Alex is a board member on the Prosightful Counseling and Consulting.

Alexander Akuetteh

M.Div. B.A.


About Alexander

Alexander, also known as Alex is a United States Army (Reserves) Chaplain and an IT supervisor with the State Department. Alex has served in various roles as a pastor and mentor. Alex has over 9 years of military service underneath his belt, serving as a Chaplain and Special Staff Officer. Alex earned his Master of Divinity from Howard University, Washington, D.C and IT degrees at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Some of his military education includes the Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Course, and Combat Medical Ministry Course. Alex has a passion for helping people and brings both pastoral and technology experience to ProSightful. Alex is happily married with 2 girls and a boy. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.


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